Monday, November 15, 2010

Week of "Vacation"

I am soo very very excited for THANKSGIVING BREAK!!! :0)

Next week is going to be my "Project - Get It Done - Week!"

With a week off I am hoping to accomplish:

1. Painting
-office & great room
- new shutters ,and front door
- frames around kitchen lights

2. Organize/ Clean Out
- guest room closet
- office closet
- coat closet in foyer

3. Projects
- New medicine cabinet in hall bathroom
- 3 new ceiling fans (kitchen, guest and office)
- create large picture frames using distressed antique windows

This is my "starter" list... I am so excited I cannot stand it! :) We spent a little time at Garden Ridge this past weekend - and it really got me on a role!

I spent Friday night cleaning and reorganizing the office, and Sat night cleaning out and reorganizing the linen closet and our master bath cabinets...(before watching FSU barely squeak out a win and give me a mild heart attack ...totally beside the point I know..) ...

I am really starting to get on the ball with things I have been meaning to start...the problem is...once i start I like to completely finish...therefor I put off starting until I know I have time....
anyway...hopefully I will take some before and after pictures to post...I always forget the before pictures... :)

Happy Monday!

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