Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 7 - The X Games are Calling

Soo... it snowed - and we were in the mountains...and my husband is an adrenaline junky, and master of all sports I am not. Nate surfs, skates, wakeboards, kneeboards, and does all those "punky" things that I have never had the knack for. BUT we were in Colorado, where it's world class skiing/snowboarding...and of course...they open the slopes for the first week of the "season" while we are there...
so guess where we got the slopes. Now mind you, I have gone "skiing" before...however, spent almost two days on the bunny slope...barely made in off the mountain in one piece! And honestly, didn't have much fun - BUT I knew I should give it another shot...for once, I didn't have a coach (who will remain nameless aahhemmm "DAD")reminding me that if I hurt myself I would be out for the entire softball season.

We made it to the mountain, and i was totally excited...then I saw the hills...and the ski lift...and the 4000 other people who all looked like they knew exactly what they were doing....then i started to get nervous...
Nate stood at the bottom of the mountain with me for almost 20 minutes as I watched people fly down the mountain falling, jumping, and doing all kinds of tricks at speeds i did not think looked too safe!

After talking myself BACK into trying it...we went in to get sized for a board..and the guy have NEVER snowboarded before?? (No, sir, we have SAND where I come from...not this white cold stuff!) ...he then precedes to tell us how much harder than skiing it is, and how these are NOT conditions for a beginner! Great THANK YOU sir, for the vote of confidence!

Little did he know that, telling me I CANT do something, only makes me want to do it more! So, I got fitted, grabbed my board and got on the slope! Now, I busted my butt getting off the lift...okay, maybe it was my face....either way..I busted...and I busted again and again and again! IT WAS SOOOO FUN!!!!

I got the hang of it, but just had a little trouble steering!! Nate did AWESOME! It took him a bit ,but I am pretty sure if you ask him about it he would say it was his new favorite thing to do!

We might have to go every year now! :) love this!! Did I mention that it is Sunday, and I can hardly move I am still so sore?!

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