Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 5

Nate has become WONDERFUL when it comes to my little ...uh....addiction...
he has learned that no matter where we is a necessity...its a stress reliever for me...and I figure if thats the worst addiction I have (obviously excluding icecream) than I'm doin' alright!

Anyway, we left the camera card at home today on accident, so I couldn't take any pictures until I got home, but it was another BEAUTIFUL day! We drove about an hour to the outlet mall, and in that city it was 27 degrees...but in Avon...our "home" for the got up to a whopping 37 degrees! Alot of the snow has melted already, but it is defnitely chilly still!

We grabbed lunch while we were out at this deli that was recommeneded to us by Beka's soulmate....err..I mean the zip line guide :) SMILING MOOSE DELI - I had THE BEST TOMATO SOUP IN THE WORLD!!! IT WAS SOOO delish! Nate had a sandwhich that was bigger than his head (and ya'll know THAT's HUGE) ... then we shopping some more......(Nate may or may not have bought me a Christmas present...I "forgot")! We decided to grill out tonight, steaks, baked potato, broccoli with cheese...and then a "creative" dessert...grilled apples with cinnamon! DELISH! ( I think next time I will use a slightly sweeter apple - we used granny smith) or a cinnamon/sugar mixture..they were still a little tangy/tart..but OHH SO yummy!! now it's relaxing for the rest of the evening for us! I'm going to post some pics of the dinner and our living space!

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