Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Cook and He Cleans

So the title pretty much speaks for itself huh....oh if only it always worked this way! :)

I have grown to LOVE cooking - even more than before - because there is someone to help me eat it :) There is something about cooking for just yourself, and then having a stack of dishes, that makes that lean cuisine in the freezer look all the more appealing!

Thankfully Nate has adopted quite nicely to homecooked meals (including losing 12 lbs - oh if only it was that easy for all of us)...but what I have to work on is....if I cook...and WE have to at least HELP clean... but tonight was different....he volunteered to clean...partially because he wanted the meat cooked on the :George: instead of panfried - and I was VERY firm about not cleaning that grill - (I love cooking on it - but I HATE cleaning it) ... anyway ...I think I might have to start striking up a deal like this EVERY day before the pots come out to be cooked in :)

Anyway, We got our engagement pictures back today (the second set) and I LOVE them!!!!!!!! I will post some more once I get the CD with all of them!

For now, I am happy...nate is here at least for another hour, and we are fixin' to settle in for an episode of CSI "our show".

Anyway, so I have a couple of prayer requests as of lately.....for my job ( which I will spare you all the details ) , that Nate can find another job until he is promoted to full time at UPS, for the next 5 weeks to pass by quickly, but not TOO quickly, that I get all the last minute things done, and that everything will just fall into place...which I know it will but you know..its my job to worry about it! :)

Anyway, I will update again soon - this whole blogging thing has become somewhat of a stress reliever for me.. and I'm starting to think it might have to become a daily thing.... oh boy.. :)


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Hal & Jenn said...

Our George Foreman grill was a wedding gift and 4 years later, if we use it, he has to clean it because it HATE cleaning that thing!

Beautiful pictures. You are gorgeous!