Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wyatt Anderson Turns Four!


Four years ago in the wee hours of the morning on May 1st - I was timing contractions, worrying about how I was going to be able to balance two kids, learn how to be a "boy" mom, and wondering how in the world my heart would be able to handle love for another baby because it literally hurts how much I love Skylar.

Fast forward about 12 hours, some serious contractions, one argument with your dad (over ordering lunch while I was in labor) and lot of patient encouragement from your Mimi later - and I was head over heels for another boy.   For the second time in my life, I knew a love so big it hurt.  

I wasn't sure we were going to survive the threes - especially at the beginning - because you have your daddy's stubbornness (never mine), a desire for everything to be "jutht wight", and a mind all your own.  I am so thankful that I love your middle name - because it is used way more than I ever anticipated.  You need very little sleep (again, not like me) and are strong as an ox.  To celebrate you - I looked back over just the last 30 days of photos of you on my phone - and it's amazing how these photos managed to sum you up perfectly.

You love to cook, create, and make a mess in the kitchen with me.  I am so thankful for this - because (1) your wife one day will be super lucky and (2) it is something we get to do together a couple of times a week that makes us both really happy - minus the [sometimes] major cleanup.

Your dimple.  No explanation needed.

You love to paint, color and create!  Part of this comes from being with your sister so much - but part of this is just your imagination blossoming! I love watching you "make thtuff"!

What a good helper you are!  In this picture you are helping me measure a closet and prepare for your sister.  You pray for her every single day, and your "China baby" is going to be so blessed to have a brother who is so quick to help.

You say your best friend is your dog, Knox. You are so good at remembering to feed him, give him treats, and "twain" him.  Because "he only weally liketh to lithen to me, wight, Mom?  Thit, Knox!"

You LOVE animals, bugs, creepy-crawly things.  This lizard (that you named Domino) played until he literally couldn't play anymore.  You are ALL boy - we have had a staple in your head, and a splinter that you never complained about lanced out of your foot all in the last 60 days.  You are tough as nails!

You love being outside.  You are so strong! We ran/walked a trail here and climbed to the top of the tower (which you call the Eiffel Tower) and then you still had energy to run almost all the way back to the park and play.  I am so thankful for your adventurous spirit and energy (even though I am exhausted 99.99% of the time).

You give the BEST snuggles.  Before having a boy, I really anticipated you never sitting still - and sometimes you don't - but never is there a day that goes by that at some point you don't ask me to "thnuggle" you.  These are my favorite moments, and I really am sorry that I keep sniffing you and playing with your hair even though I know it bothers you. 

You are just the cutest little thing.  You have style all your own.  Matching totally doesn't matter - blue-on-blue-on-fifteen-shades-of-blue - totally "goes".  You also go through a minimum of three outfits a day right now - because you have different outfits for different things (play outside, nap/rest, school pickup, sleeping) - and you can't stand to wear something if it gets wet or dirty.  One day I will tell you how many times I have taken your "dirty" clothes out of the hamper and put them right back in the drawer to save myself from doing laundry just for you every other day.

You are endlessly funny. You have no idea that most of the things that you say and do are truly hilarious (and sometimes inappropriate).  It's probably a good thing.  I have almost  mastered the "look away and laugh silently" while simultaneously praying I can come up with something mature and motherly to say in response to things you say and do.

So, there you have it, little [big] boy.  You are strong, kind, sweet, hilarious and everything I didn't know I needed in a little person. You try my patience on a daily basis - but I love you to the moon and back a hundred million times and then some.   Now, please, stop getting big.  Stay little with that sweet little boy voice and laugh forever and ever.

Love, Momma

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