Monday, April 17, 2017

On Our Way!

On Thursday (April 13) - a few weeks ahead of schedule - our paperwork headed to China!

Our next step is to get our Log In Date - LID.  And from there guess what we do? Yes! WAIT! 

We are super excited - it seems like this part of the paperwork would never end - and I have it on good authority that the next time we have paperwork to do it will be much easier to get through because we will have a sweet face on our minds to get us through the next part of the paperwork.

In the meantime - will you pray for us? Our biggest request is that God would continue to provide. He has been so gracious so far - and we know that he will continue to be.  

Pray for our grant applications - that we are able to finish them before deadlines, that they will be accepted and that we will qualify for at least 1?  Will you pray for our fundraiser?

We have asked friends and family to sponsor/commit to pray for a date on our calendar. Over the next year we are trusting there will be major changes and adjustments to be made - and having people committed to every day to encourage and pray for us - will make this transition feel so much less daunting.

I am going to write a blog post this week on the cost of adoption.  We have had SOO many people ask us point blank what we are spending to bring her home - and seem shocked when we answer. And yes, it is so very overwhelming to think about.  It's also super duper awkward to talk about.  I want to clarify as we have had several families ask us how we got started - thinking about it themselves - and this ALWAYS seems to be the one big drawback for why they have started or feel they can't,  I need to gather my thoughts before I post about this one as it is definitely something I struggled with when we said yes.  

We celebrated Easter knowing we were one step closer to our sweet baby!  So thankful we serve a Risen Savior - that he loves us so much more than we can fathom. Thankful he freely gave his life for us.  Thankful for our church and these kids right here.  They are the biggest blessings we have been given this side of heaven.